NAAC Reaccredited with "A" Grade

- Year 2016

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Student Feedback on B.Com. I Syllabus

B.Com. I Syllabus Feedback

Students are required to rate the syllabus on the following attributes using the 5 point scale shown below.
Unsatisfactory=1 Satisfactory=2 Neutral=3 Good=4 Excellent=5
# Parameters Subjects
    Eng. B.E. I Mgt. F.A. Ins/Maths Mar./Hin./ Mkt.
1 Depth of Syllabus Content
2 Organisation of the Syllabus
3 Extent of coverage of syllabus
4 Emphasis on fundamentals
5 Coverage of modern/advanced topics
6 Applicability/relevance to real life situations
7 Learning value (in terms of knowledge, concepts, manual skills, analytical abilities and broadening perspectives)
8 Available of textbooks/reference books/reading material
9 Consideration to slow and advanced learners
10 Evaluation pattern