NAAC Reaccredited with "A" Grade

- Year 2016

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Presidential Address

Presidential Address

Sou. Rajanitai Vishwanath Magdum President, Council of Education

Today life is complex and full of crisis. Times ahead are testing our patience and perseverance. The world today is coming closer and closer and yet this proximity is increasing our loneliness. It is becoming more and more difficult to cope with the ever changing scientific, technological and commercial world. We have lost wisdom in knowledge, knowledge in information and information in facts. In such a state of affairs only the right sort of education that would inculcate proper values would be able to show us the right path and not so called greatness, honesty not hypocrisy, beauty not only brightness. Let our lives be clean, noble, devoted and dedicated to the tasks undertaken by us. We are all free to do, free to choose according to the bent of our minds but we must always remember that freedom is not safety but an opportunity, the opportunity to do the right sore of things. As Brand Blanshard says, “The purpose of education is to make us creators and centres of value… Values are the starts by which education may and should steer its course.”