D.R.K. College of Commerce, Kolhapur

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  • Discussion of DRK Vachan KAtta members

    It's great to hear about the discussion that took place with DRK Vachan Katta members, guided by Librarian T. L. Kamble and MBA Coordinator Dr. T. S. Zari, regarding the use of library. Such interactions can be highly beneficial in promoting a reading culture and helping students make the most of library resources.

    Librarian T. L. Kamble plays a pivotal role in guiding students on how to effectively use library resources, find relevant materials and make the best use of the library's services.

    MBA Coordinator Dr. T. S. Zari's involvement suggests that the discussion may have focused on guide on how to effectively use library resources for their coursework and development of carrier.  Mr Tilke and Mr. Mane's presence, along with students, likely added valuable perspectives and insights to the discussion. Collaborative sessions like these provide an opportunity for students to learn about reading and reading techniques.

    Overall, these interaction contribute to the development of reading culture among the students.