D.R.K. College of Commerce, Kolhapur

Junior College Faculties


Assistant Teacher : Mr. R.A. Porlekar

Date of Appointment : 1-Sep-1988
Teaching Experience and Subject : 31 yrs English
Other Information : President, Junior College English Teacher Asso. RP@Teachery Trainy

Assistant Teacher : Mrs. H.S. Patil

Date of Appointment : 1-Aug-1990
Teaching Experience and Subject : 29 yrs Hindi
Other Information : BOS Member - 11th Std(EX)

BOS Member- 11th Std (Ex)
BOS Member- Special Student
BOS Member- Open School
हिंदी दिन व्याख्यान
Chief Modrator in Hindi Subject

M.A. (Hindi, Marathi) D.H.E. M. Phil, MHCIT

M.Com, B.Ed., G.D.C.& A, MSACIT, MSCIT

Assistant Teacher : Mr. M.P. Vandkar

Date of Appointment : 1-Aug-2007
Teaching Experience and Subject : 12 yrs Book Keeping & Accountancy
Other Information : G.D.C.& A , MSACIT, MSCIT, Paper Presentation in National Level Conferernce

Assistant Teacher : Mr. B.D. Davang

Date of Appointment : 20-Dec-2007
Teaching Experience and Subject : 12 yrs Marathi
Other Information :


M.Com. B.Ed., G.D.C. & A, MSCIT, MSACIT

Assistant Teacher : Mr. S.N. Dhobale

Date of Appointment : 1-Aug-2009
Teaching Experience and Subject : 10 yrs Accountancy
Other Information : Paper Presentation of Co-operative Accountancy

Assistant Teacher : Mrs. A.V. Patil

Date of Appointment : 25-Jul-2011
Teaching Experience and Subject : 7 yrs Economics
Other Information : Paper Presentation Economics

M.A. B.Ed

M.A. B.Ed

Assistant Teacher : Mrs. G.N. Dhumal

Date of Appointment : 23-Jun-2011
Teaching Experience and Subject : 7 yrs English

Assistant Teacher : Miss. S.S. Powar

Date of Appointment : 25-Jul-2011
Teaching Experience and Subject : 12 yrs Mathematics
Other Information : 1. Board of Studies member in Maths.

2. Paper Presentation in 2 Days UGC Sponsored State Level Seminar on "Imapact of Mathematics on Life Skill Development among students"
3. Participation in International Conference on Maths. Sciences
4. Participation in rerious state and National level conferences.
5. I have worked as an examiner for HSC Board paper assessment

M.Sc., B.Ed (Mathematics)

B.A., B.P. Ed., M.Ed(Phy. Education)

Assistant Teacher : Mr. P.M. Patil-Mangore

Date of Appointment : 24-Sep-2004
Teaching Experience and Subject : 15 yrs
Other Information : 1. Inter National Football Coaching Course - C Lience

2. As a offical National & International Tournament 2004 to 2019 - 4 time
3. As a Team Manager - National 2004 to 2019 - 7 Times
4. Participation in Conference - State & National
5. Athletics - 3 Gold Medals in National
Basketball - 2 Time State Participation
Table Tennis - 1 Time
Cricket - 3 Time State Medal

Assistant Teacher : Mr. M.R. Patil

Assistant Teacher Environmental Education
Date of Appointment : 18-Dec-2007
Teaching Experience and Subject : 11.5 yrs
Other Information : Member - BOS Sub-commitee Shivaji University

Sub.- Environment Studies
Member- Book Examiner
Moderator - EVS Shivaji University Environment 11th Std

M.SC., B.Ed, SET

MCM, MCA, M.Com, B.Ed, M.B.A., M.Phil., GDC & A

Assistant Teacher (I.T.) : Miss. S.S. Patil

Date of Appointment : 15-Jun-2005
Teaching Experience and Subject : Total 18 yrs, 13 yrs in DRk College in IT & 3 yrs in S.P.
Other Information : 1. Board of Studies Member for IT ICT & Computer Studies

2. Kolhapur Division Chief coordinator
3. State Level Resource person for IT., ICT & Varishta Vetan Shreni In service Teachers Training
4. Paper presentations in State National & Internatioina level Seminar & Conference

Assistant Teacher : Mrs. T.R. Narvekar

Date of Appointment : 16-Oct-2012
Teaching Experience and Subject : 6 yrs
Other Information : Research Paper ralated to M.Phil published in 2012

M.Com., B.Ed, M.Phil

M.Com, M.B.A., M.Phil., B.Ed

Assistant Teacher : Mrs. A.S. Magdum

Date of Appointment : 1-Feb-2014
Teaching Experience and Subject : 5 yrs Organisation of Commerce and Management
Other Information : 1. Paper Presentation in National Level conference

2. Paper presentation in one day National Level Seminar
3. Participation in one day workshop on "Digital India"
4. Participation in Annual conferene arthashatra Vichar Manch

Teacher (Practical) : Mr. M.B. Kamble

Teacher (Practical) in Accounting and Office Management.
Date of Appointment : 27-Sept-1993
Teaching Experience and Subject : 25 Years in 1. Office Management 2. Accountancy 3.Costing 4. Auditing


M.Com, MS CIT, GDC & A

Teacher : Mr. A.B. Yelzare

Teacher in Accounting and Office Management
Date of Appointment : 01-Oct-1997
Teaching Experience and Subject : 21 Years Accountancy Costing Auditing
Other Information :

1. H.O.D.
2. MCVC (HSC Vocational) Dept.

Teacher : Mr. S.E. Nakil

Teacher (Practical in Banking)
Date of Appointment : 07-Jan-2000
Teaching Experience and Subject :19 Years
Other Information : Special efforts for appointment of students for Apprenticeship.


M.Com, M.Phil, GDC & A

Teacher : Mr. S.A. Vantamotte

Teacher (Practical) in Accounting and Office Management
Date of Appointment : 1-Feb-2008
Teaching Experience and Subject : 11 yrs Office Management

Costing, Auditing
Income Tax