D.R.K. College of Commerce, Kolhapur

Research Policy

Deshbhakta Ratnappa Kumbhar College of Commerce, Kolhapur


            The Deshbhakta Ratnappa Kumbhar College of Commerce, Kolhapur (DRKCC) is committed to promote and support quality research in an intellectually stimulating and inspirational environment to address the scientific challenges of today and the future. The enduring excellence in research that DRKCC aspires for, is dependent on several attributes that include creativity, rigor, curiosity, persistence as well as on honesty, transparency, responsibility and ability for good communication and collaboration. Thus, intellect and integrity must go together to maintain the credibility and reputation of the Institute’s Research and repute of individual researchers. Hence it is the responsibility of every staff member and student to uphold the good reputation of the Institute and, consequently, it is expected that they will conduct research with integrity. This policy aims to encourage and support research for acquiring, investigating, and developing knowledge for the good of society, and to confirm that, all research is conducted in accordance with ethical principles.

Purpose of the Policy

             The policy shall serve as a general outline for conduct of all type of research activities of the Institute. This policy is in line with Institute’s mission and strategic plans for creating an empowering environment to foster a research culture, provide essential support through research framework and guidelines to produce high-quality, relevant and focused research. It also aims to facilitate the attainment of excellence in research, collaborative activities, and raise awareness regarding good practices in research and innovation all within a meticulous ethical background.

Goal and Objectives of the Research Policy

            The overall purpose of this Research Policy is to provide a framework for the governance and conduct of both basic and applied research, as well as promote the positioning of research as a priority pursuit in the Institute.

The specific objectives are to:
  • Streamline research activities.
  • Create an enabling environment for the conduct of research.
  • Strengthen research management and coordination.
  • Improve research culture and practice.
  • Mobilize and manage funds for quality research and innovations; and
  • Increase the returns for the conduct of research to achieve international researcher visibility and attract of both human and financial resources to the University.
  • Maintain and enhance the quality of research undertaken by creating transparent, effective, and efficient systems for maximizing research outputs.
  • Translate new knowledge, innovations, technologies, and tools emerging out of research conducted at Amity into products and processes for commercialization or for societal benefit; Protect Intellectual Property (IP) generated because of research conducted
  • Encourage and facilitate research collaborations within different departments of the institute along with reputed Institutes, Universities and Research Organizations both in India and abroad.
  • Ensure effective dissemination of research activities and achievements of the Institute both internally and externally

Facilities by the Institute for research
  • The Institution provides all necessary infrastructural facilities and conducive environment to promote research activity in the campus.
  • The institution has high speed internet facility.
  • Institute has well equipped computer lab with necessary software, computers, and LCD facility for carrying out research activities.
  • The institution provides conference and seminar hall with LCD projector for the smooth conduct of seminar, colloquium, viva-voce examination, etc.
  • The institute has well equipped library with books and journals.
  • Influent facility is made available to the faculty and students to facilitate their research activities.
  • Every year the library is enhanced to motivate the faculty to publish a greater number of books, research papers in journals and magazines.
  • Shelf has been placed in the library to display the books, magazines, journals, etc. authored by the teaching staff.
  • The faculty and students are given freedom to choose the research area of their choice and guidance is given to seek funding from various funding agencies and industries.
  • The institute encourages the faculty by providing incentives for peer reviewed publications, writing books, and filing patents.
  • The institute gives a free hand to report research results and findings.
  • However, a thorough review is done for all research proposal seeking funding from various funding agencies.

Implementation and Amendment
  • DRKCC has the oversight responsibility of monitoring and enforcing the implementation of the Research Policy in the Institute.
  • The policy shall become operational as soon as it is approved by the Chairman and committee for research policy of DRKCC.
  • This policy shall be implemented in a manner consistent with the mandate, mission, vision, and the strategic plan of the Institute.
  • The Board of DRKCC on the advice of the Chairman/Principal shall review the Policy periodically.
  • Any amendment to the policy shall be through Academic Board and by the approval of the committee for research policy.
  • Faculty members who fail to comply with the provisions outlined in this policy and/or are unable to deliver as per the terms of a contractual agreement shall be referred to the Executive Committee of the Institute for the relevant sanctions to be applied.