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About NSS

In May 1969, a conference of student representatives (of universities and institutions of higher education) convened by the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission also unanimously agreed that a national-service scheme could be an instrument for national integration. The details were soon worked out and the Planning Commission sanctioned an outlay of Rs. five crores for the NSS during the Fourth Five-Year Plan, stipulating that the NSS be a pilot project in select institutions and universities. On 24 September 1969, then-Union Education Minister V.K.R.V. Rao launched the NSS at 37 universities in all states. The scheme has been extended to all states and universities in the country, and also +2-level institutes in many states.

National Service Scheme is being run in DRK College of commerce, Kolhapur. 100 hundred students from the senior college are registered in the scheme as volunteers.

The objectives of NSS

  • To motivate the volunteers to use their knowledge to solve social problems
  • To work among the people and for the people.
  • To develop positive attitude among the volunteers towards democracy and leadership
  • To establish identity with the people through – Student adoption scheme.
  • To instill self- dependence among the volunteers.

Highlights of activities

  • 8th September are celebrated as International Literacy Day every year.
  • NSS volunteers of the college visit orphanage “Bal Kalyan Sankul” at Kolhapur.   To motivate the children for education and self improvement.
  • On the occasion of Ganapati festival the students of NSS collected Nirmalya at Panchganga river bank and at Rankala Lake from people.
  • Save baby Girls campaign is run by NSS students through Street Plays.
  • 10 days NSS Camps were organized at Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  • Talks on Environmental Awareness, AIDS Awareness, and Personality Development
  • Blood Donation Camp every year.
NSS Activity Report 2016-2017

Program Officer: Dr. S. F. Bothikar

News, Events & Activities